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BEST is a leading provider of effective Restaurant and Hotel online training courses, whether they be off-the-shelf courseware or online courses customized to meet your oganizations specific needs. BEST's training solutions are innovative and cost-effective, and permit tracking, testing and certification of completion.

As you will see, our areas of expertise touch on a wide range of industry-related topics, allowing BEST to cater to you or your organization's needs.

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Custom Training
BEST offers "off-the-shelf" courses and training materials developed specifically for the Hotel and Restaurant industry. These courses serve as excellent training solutions for you or your company that are not only easily accessible, but innovative and cost-effective as well.

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Off-the-Shelf Training
We deliver highly engaging online courseware designed to meet the specific needs of Hotel and Restaurant organizations. We partner with you to produce innovative courses that integrate content with digital media, interactive exercises, and animation. Currently being updated.

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